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Data/Privacy Policy
Hampshire Hockey Coaches
Public Area
Data/Privacy Policy
Data Protection Oficer
Hampshire Hockey has a Data Protection Officer specifically for the Player Pathway programme, who may change from time to time. They can be contacted at dpo@hampshireplayers.net.
Purposes of the Processing
Your data will be used for the purposes of co-ordinating coaching, training and matches within the Hampshire Hockey Player Pathway.
Secure Transmission
The entire web system is running with encryption so that all data transmitted between your computer or other device and the server is secure.
Categories of personal data
We will treat all the information you provide (either for yourself or for your children) as personal:
Contact Information
Any contact information that you provide to Hampshire Hockey will be only be used for the following purposes:
To enable Hampshire Hockey to contact you regarding matters in the Player Pathway. This may include automated emails to remind you to take actions through your personal area.
To show the contact details to coaches and managers who are supporting you or your children.
Sharing of Information
If you, or your child, progresses to a higher level within the player pathway, your details may be passed to the organisers at the higher level and/or to England Hockey.
Any personal data will not be shared with, or passed to, any other organisations.
Retention period
Your data will be retained until you, and your children, are no longer active in the programme.
Right to Withdraw Consent
You have the right to withdraw consent at any time. You can do this through your personal area on the web site. This will trigger the removal of your details.
Any complaints about the use of your data should be referred to dpo@hampshireplayers.net.
If you are not satisfied with any response, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office in the UK if you deem that your personal information has been mis-used in any way.